Saturday, 27 August 2016

 Mrs.kala Albert

Never be lacking in Zeal, but keep your spiritual Fervor, serving the Lord.”

As a way of responding to the above verse, Lay Associates along with the guidance of sisters of St.Joseph of Lyons initiated the first activity of this year. IUG and IPG students were invited to join friends of Fr.Medaille. Great efforts were taken by Mr.Albert Jesudoss in gathering the students and associates.

Students came to the meeting with spiritual thirst. This meeting was organized to learn and celebrate the divine values of Fr.Medaille and through which students along with associates make their life a meaningful one by serving the community and above all ‘the God.’ Thus the meeting began with a prayer song.

Sr.Arul Mary, felicitated the students with warm words of welcome. She introduced heartfelt convictions of the associates and encouraged the students to serve God by being in this spiritual community. Her words of encouragement created a therapeutic effect in the hearts of the students and lighted up their souls.
The meeting sailed ahead with Dr.Kala Albert’s presentation. It was the time of reflection. She highlighted the special qualities of the founders and enlightened the young minds with the life story of Fr.Medaille. She made the session an interactive one and asked the students to share their spiritual experience. In all, it was a wonder-filled celebration of faithfulness and commitment.
Students joined the group by registering their names. The office bearers introduced themselves and briefed the students about the action plan that is prepared, the activities to be followed and their experiences throughout the journey. Student volunteer Nirmala from English Major expressed the strength and stability of the group. She attracted students to join hands in the Holy task. Mr.Alex, Ms.Bernita and Ms.Monica helped in making the meeting a successful one. They shared the responsibilities and took care that the things were done perfectly. They worked hard to be a supportive bridge between the associates and the students.
The president, Mr.Albert Jesudoss appreciated the newcomers for coming forward to join the group. He motivated by saying that our compassion should be extended by meeting the needs of others and promised to guide the students in all their activities.
Students were groomed to be the agents of love and extend that to the society with the guidance of the associates. The meeting concluded with a positive note:
Serving God is a blessing and let the spirit guide us.

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  1. "If you believe in others and give them a positive reputation to uphold, you can help them to become better than they think they are."
    Albert sir and Kala ma'am it's truly spiritual and empowering little ones. FRIENDS OF FATHER MEDAILLE is a good concept and you successfully reached there.
    Congratulations to you and your team..