Saturday, 27 August 2016

Dear Brs/Srs,

The Rosary procession in Lourdes inspired us to take initiative to have same ROSARY PROCESSION with LIGHTED CANDLE in our Parish. Glory be to God. The Parish council accepted.  It took 4 months struggling for that and I totally surrendered myself to God for this.  Today I see the fruits of the struggle that led me to surrender myself to God.

Based on the team effort, the Rosary procession went very well on 31st October – the theme is ‘’Rosary for the Global and the goodness of ours. I have uploaded few images of the procession. Mother of God will help us to have this Rosary Procession monthly once and to have the participation of people from other religion in this procession and thus the journey continues to deepen the Marian devotion in us and in neighbor hood places. Thanks be to God.

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  1. "To deepen the Marian devotion"

    Reflection of Lourdes is on the rail...
    Good Effort...Keep it up

    Photos are available in previous (November) Posts...