Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Dear Brs/Srs,

The Rosary procession in Lourdes inspired us to take initiative to have same ROSARY PROCESSION with LIGHTED CANDLE in our Parish. Glory be to God. The Parish council accepted.  It took 4 months struggling for that and I totally surrendered myself to God for this.  Today I see the fruits of the struggle that led me to surrender myself to God.

The Rosary procession went very well on 31st October with team spirit– the theme is ‘’Rosary for the Global and the goodness of ours. I have uploaded few images of the procession. Mother of God will help us to have this Rosary Procession monthly once and to have the participation of people from other religion in this procession and thus the journey continues to deepen the Marian devotion in us and in neighbor hood places. Thanks be to God.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Saturday, 3 October 2015


The sisters of St. Joseph’s of Lyon realized that the vision of Fatima College of “developing human capabilities through quality education based on Christian values who can work for the advancement of the society and promote communal harmony in the multi-religious and multi-cultural reality in India” has become a reality on the day of Alumnae meet conducted on 11.07.2015. Each Alumnae present on that day had their own unique interesting success stories to narrate. It was an amazing spectacle of variety of human capabilities under one roof -a dream of Mother Rose Benedicta, the founder of the college.
Their achievements are the manifestations of the “quality education” and “Christian values” imparted by the institution of the sisters of St. Joseph’s of Lyon. The quality of the alumnae’s life and their being stand strong on the basement of Christian values, liveliness, joyfulness, youthfulness and the holistic education that they received from Fatima.
            Walking down the lanes of memory, the alumnae sung various spiritual songs and prayer songs that they were exposed to them during their formation in Fatima. It was exciting to know how they cherished each and every word of the songs they remembered. To cap it all they fondly said that whenever they had to confront stormy situations or confusions in life these words from the songs were rejuvenating. They also expressed their deep belief in the fact that they continue to receive the blessings of the sisters of SJL and uphold the values inculcated in them even when they are miles afar from Fatima.
            It was all the more interesting to note that they still cherish these values in their lives and impart them to their children too. In the present world where spirituality is dwindling, it is mind blowing to see how these children of Fatima family have instilled the essence of spirituality and Christian values in their family and are also practicing them in all walks of their life.
            This year’s alumnae also witnessed the growth of quite a few successful women entrepreneurs who are working for the advancement of the society. Fatima was too proud to know that many of her daughters have taken the untrodden paths. Further, the long-lasting bond existing among the alumnae bears testimony to a dream that every nation like India is striving towards.
            Above all these, the gathering of the Silver Jubilarian Alumnae (1987- 1990) was the hallmark of the meet. Spontaneous and overflow sharing of their fun-filled and meaningful moments on campus seeped the nooks and corners of the campus. Exhibiting their Ecological concerns they also planted 25 saplings commemorating their momentous home coming.

            On this special day it was too awe inspiring to observe the dream of Mother Rose Benedicta yield fruits – the sweetest fruits of empowered women. The tree still continues and will continue to yield such sweetest fruits by watering with quality education and manured with Christian values. This alumnae meet has become yet another bunch of flowers added to the garden of Fatima College.